Heidegger, Martin (1889-1976)

Existence and being / by Martin Heidegger; with an introduction by Werner Brock. - Chicago Henry Regnery 1949 - 399 σ. δεμένο 19 εκ.

Απογρ. Φεβρ. 1995

Περιεχόμενα: INTRODUCTION (σσ. [13]-249), Werner Brock: Prefatory Note / A brief outline of the career of M. Heidegger / An account of "Being and time": The three main problems Dasein, Time and Being. The project and the published version - Some aspects of the analysis of Dasein - Dasein and temporality - Some reflections on the significance of the work / An account of "The four essays": A brief general characterisation of the four essays - On the essence of truth - The essays on Friedrich Holderlin - What is metaphysics? - Note [ESSAYS by Martin Heidegger] Remembrance of the poet, translated by Douglas Scott - Holderlin and the essence of poetry, translated by Douglas Scott - On the essence of truth, translated by R. F. C. Hull and Alan Crick - What is metaphysics?, translated by R. F. C. Hull and Alan Crick - Notes

Heidegger- Martin (1889-1976)
Holderlin- Friedrich (1770-1843)


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